School Information

First Steps

A new beginning

Starting school for the very first time or transferring schools at a later stage can be an exciting time . . . but also a little daunting for children and parents alike.  To support you with this journey, we would always recommend you visit us, and get a feel for life at The St Augustine’s Academy.

Please do get in touch with our School Office on  01909 473473 to make an appointment.

The Admissions Authority

The role of Nottinghamshire County Council

The St Augustine’s Academy is part of The Forge Trust, a multi-academy trust working across the East Midlands.  

The Forge Trust is its own admissions authority, but Nottinghamshire Local Authority coordinate our admissions.  This means that the academy sets its own admissions policy, but the Local Authority manages the process.


Our catchment area

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Admission Arrangement Policies

Beginning school or transfers in-year

Consideration will be given to children in public care and to applicants who can establish particular medical, Special Educational Needs or social grounds relating to their child. Supporting written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other relevant professional must be provided at the time of application. The definition of Special Educational Needs relates to a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for the child.


Special consideration will be given to children whose mobility support needs require that they access the specialist accommodation provided by a school in a designated “through route” family of schools. Each case will be determined on its merits.  Special circumstances may take precedence over any of the numbered criteria above. The allocation of any such places will be determined by the Local Education Officer, in consultation with the Principal.

School Admissions Consultation